Hi, My Name Is Gentrie Leigh!
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Have you ever snuggled under a Quilt and it just felt amazing? Not just the fabric but you felt safe, comfortable, relaxed, warm and fuzzy? That is what intentional quilting is all about. Quilting to heal, energize, comfort, ease all with INTENTION

Intentional Quilting is a powerful method of setting our intentions in an object to help ourselves or others feel good or heal.  This concept has been around a long time and is, to some level implemented by every quilter.  Let's explore together what happens when we consciously create the intention to help ourselves and others live a more joyful and loving life!



About Me

I am a working Mom of 3, wife and grandmother of 2 who is following her dream. Let me take you on that journey with me. Make your quilts with meaning and intention. Infuse them with the love, healing and energy that it takes to make them, intentionally. Let's be aware, of what we are feeling and thinking about while we quilt .

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