Another month Zooms by….

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I have been working at another business that my boss owns for the last 2 months.  This is a retail/maintenance business that had bad management in charge and now there is some major cleaning up to do.  So stressful in some ways but a little fun in others.  I like working with the public most […]

Healing Quilts Launch

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I am launching a new study group!  This study group is about Healing Quilts.  How many of you believe in the power of prayer, or prayer chains?  Do you believe miracles can happen with this power?  How about someone concentrating their energy on you or with you?  Anyone ever undergone Reiki?  Feel the amazing benefits […]

A Funny Thing……

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Funny thing happened in February…….it slipped by!  Holy smokes!  I think that was the fastest month ever!  I had planned to do more posts in February but then it was over.  Well, there went that plan.  (Now it is Mid-March and I started this post at least a week ago!) Anyway people, moving on…….   […]

A Cat and the Cat in The Hat…..

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So here is a little real life for you guys. These are quilts waiting, on the back of my couch, for bindings to be put on them.  Yep, three.   This is my current quilting work space.  That is a healing quilt I am working on.  If you would like to learn a little more […]

A Weekender Quilt

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So this last Saturday was the sewing day with my friends.  It was great!  I was so sad when we decided to skip the December sew session.  The good news is that in February not only do we have Sew Saturday, but we have QUILT RETREAT the next weekend!  Sorry, did I shout?  I am […]

One Binding Down…….New Fun

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So yesterday I took a road trip with a friend and my 4 year old.  We both decided we needed a break and a fun day.  We had a blast and picked up some goodies at a quilt shop on the way home. I finally broke down and bought the pattern of the fox head.  […]

A Year in Review

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So much has changed in one year.  My business is taking off finally even without the actual retreat center being built, yet.  That is still in the works.   I have gotten a few quilts done this year.  In fact I just finished quilting one on my home machine.  (Can’t wait to get a long-arm […]

Holiday Stresses

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So who is totally stressed out over the Holidays?  I’m not, well, not because of Christmas.  I am because of the other work load I have to do, OK maybe not really.  You know what?  I am not stressed.  Should I be?  Probably. I have a lot going on, as we all do. Kids, full […]

A New Site…..

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As I start a new venture in my life, I also relocate my Blog along with it.  I am starting a new business, a quilt retreat business that is in the works to be constructed.  Along with this venture comes this website and a private membership group to discuss what I call Intentional Quilting.  Most […]

Random Quiltiness

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Hailey and her quilt.  I made the pillow case and the Pillow next to that. This quilt I did for Sydney.  This square in a square block proved problematic for me when my daughter (then about 4) played with my sewing machine and had moved my needle placement.  That is where the Black squares at […]